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Don’t miss the February issue of IB: International Bluegrass! This month’s issue contains stories about Raleigh, NC, the NEW home of World of Bluegrass for the next few years; about this year’s Leadership Bluegrass class; IBMA’s new Nashville office location; and about Bluegrass Nation!!! Click on the link…

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63 years ago this week: Bill Monroe & The Decca Sessions

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Here’s a sweet little nugget of bluegrass history! 63 years ago this week, the Father of Bluegrass, Bill Monroe, recorded his first of two musically significant sessions for Decca. Here’s more from

In 1950, Bill Monroe had been on his own with the Bluegrass Boys for over 11 years and had been a Grand Ole Opry member for over ten. More importantly, he had had a successful run with Columbia Records and had left as his music had continued to develop for what he perceived to be a brighter, more lucrative future with Decca in 1950. As usual, Monroe’s instinct was correct. The 103 selections compiled here are from Monroe’s most fertile, creative period, many of the songs recorded during this era became his signature tracks, such as “Uncle Pen,” “Raw Hide,” “Get Down On Your Knees and Pray,” “Little Georgia Rose,” “On and On,” “Roanoke,” “The Little Girl and the Dreadful Snake,” and “Kentucky Waltz.” It was while at Decca that he introduced and recorded his original and trademark mandolin tuning, where instead of four pairs of strings tuned to the same pitches as a violin, he tuned several pair of strings to two different notes that added the otherworldly timbres to his “high lonesome” sound. In addition to Monroe’s recording with the Bluegrass Boys, there are a number of sessions here that put Monroe in the solo spotlight with some of Nashville’s hottest session cats…

Keep reading about Big Mon’s sessions with Decca at . Check out all the incredible tracks Bill recorded during those two sessions at . And check out Sam Bush’s delivery of Monroe’s “Uncle Pen,” recorded by Monroe in 1950 on Decca, on our Video of the Day!

Welcome To Bluegrass Nation!

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Welcome to Bluegrass Nation, the new website for the bluegrass community to share news, photos, videos, music, event details, links to websites and articles, and more!

Powered by IBMA, Bluegrass Nation was created as a place for the global bluegrass community to share and exchange media related to bluegrass music. Sign up now – it’s FREE! – and you can begin sharing and posting immediately! Here are just a few of the things you can do on that will help you get and stay connected…

• Introduce your own new songs and music videos
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• Let fans know about tours, special offers and events, and more

• Share photos, videos, and articles highlighting your events, products, or services
• Post event info on Bluegrass Nation’s Calendar
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• Post links to your favorite articles and videos about your favorite artists and festivals
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• Stay up-to-date with the freshest news in the world of bluegrass!

If you’re visiting for the first time, please go to to register as a new user! It’s FREE, simple, and you’ll be able to post your own bluegrass links, photos, videos, and music in moments!

If you’re already a citizen of Bluegrass Nation, welcome back! To add news, events, and music to Bluegrass Nation, click on the green button above that says POST SOMETHING… it’s quick, easy and FREE to share your favorite bluegrass!

And please contact with any questions or problems you encounter on Bluegrass Nation. Thanks for sharing all the hottest bluegrass news and music here!

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