New Book from Univ of Ill Press: “Pretty Good for a Girl”

New Book from Univ of Ill Press: “Pretty Good for a Girl”

Put this one on your shopping list for May! Congrats to author, Murphy Henry. Can’t wait to read this!

From the publisher’s site:

Pretty Good for a Girl

Women in Bluegrass

Untold and unsung stories of women in bluegrass

The first book devoted entirely to women in bluegrass, Pretty Good for a Girl documents the lives of more than seventy women whose vibrant contributions to the development of bluegrass have been, for the most part, overlooked. Accessibly written and organized by decade, the book begins with Sally Ann Forrester, who played accordion and sang with Bill Monroe’s Blue Grass Boys from 1943 to 1946, and continues into the present with artists such as Alison Krauss, Rhonda Vincent, and the Dixie Chicks. Drawing from extensive interviews, well-known banjoist Murphy Hicks Henry gives voice to women performers and innovators throughout bluegrass’s history, including such pioneers as Bessie Lee Mauldin, Wilma Lee Cooper, and Roni and Donna Stoneman; family bands including the Lewises, Whites, and McLains; and later pathbreaking performers such as the Buffalo Gals and other all-girl bands, Laurie Lewis, Lynn Morris, Missy Raines, and many others

Source: University of Illinois Press -

  1. Ted Lehmann

    I have a digital preview copy and it looks both interesting and comprehensive. Look for a review of it on my blog a couple of weeks before publication.

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