Welcome To Bluegrass Nation!

Welcome To Bluegrass Nation!

Welcome to Bluegrass Nation, the new website for the bluegrass community to share news, photos, videos, music, event details, links to websites and articles, and more!

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  1. Dan Lehman

    Kindly include the 2nd annual Mammoth Bluegrass Festival which runs from August 30th to September 1st.

    Our website is:http://www.mammothbluegrassfestival.org.

    Many Bluegrass Artists will perform like: Sleepy Man Banjo Boys, Jeff Scroggins & Colorado, Alan Munde Gazette, Hard Road Trio, High Country, Gone Tomorrow and many more plus “Superstars” (yet to be mentioned).

  2. JanR

    Can’t wait to go to Raleigh! We have a good group of Bluegrassers here in Reno. I hope to write a good review of my experience and get more people to attend next year,

  3. To be determined

    Where can I find out how much it will cost me to attend the IBMA event this year. I haven’t been since it was held in Owensboro. Long Live the Moonlight BBQ hahahahaha

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