Working With Bluegrass Nation

Working With Bluegrass Nation

Bluegrass Nation, this new web community and news clearing house hosted and powered by IBMA, was formally introduced at last Fall’s World of Bluegrass, but it’s going to take more than merely being switched on to produce the kind of community and content we’re hoping for.

While the IBMA staff does collect and post news highlights and links on a daily basis to keep BN fresh, it’s waiting for YOUR contributions to be the best it can be. We are planning an IBMA webinar on Thursday, Feb. 21 at 6:00 central to go over the basics of using BN, but really it’s not hard. The key is to jump in and start posting and picking.

Granted, it is not the most natural thing in the world to add a new website or social network to your browsing life, but just to start, ask yourself:

  • Have you bookmarked your BN profile page on your browser for easy access?
  • Have you Liked Bluegrass Nation on Facebook? That’s a GREAT way to stay close to BN and see key updates w links. And better yet, make sure you look at the drop-down menu on the Like button and check “Show In News Feed” and/or “Get Notifications” so that you don’t miss a post. The team is posting about twice a day to Facebook, so it won’t be a burden.
  • Have you used the Bluegrass Nation Pick It button? This is the fastest, easiest way to populate your BN profile with stories, photos, videos, audio clips etc. That will show a visitor to your profile what you’re into.
  • Have you used the BN message function? Yes, it’s a little flaky at this point, but we’re working on it. What it will accomplish though is to show others that you’re aware they are on BN and thus will encourage them to post more.

I’ll be back later with more tips and ideas to weave BN into your life and event or band promotion without taking time. Besides, I’ve found some great stuff browsing BN, and I’m sure you will too. Keep in mind too that BN is the one site in the world that’s aggregating the biggest headlines from around the bluegrass blogosphere and the world’s news sources. That means BN will serve existing fans, bands and organizations who already know bluegrass, while also being an exciting and welcoming site for those who are new to the music. Bringing those people into the fold may be the most important mission all of us have via IBMA.

All the best,

Craig H.

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  1. Agent Drudge

    Looking forward to see how the activity on BN develops, and how various entities buy in it.

    I’m all for ways to network the community that is “bluegrass”.

    I’m noticing that you can select “which artist” your post or photo pertains to, yet I don’t see a way to add an artist that isn’t already on that list. Balsam Range isn’t there, or The Boxcars. (gasp!).

    Pages seems to load quite slowly – maybe that will improve as refinements are made to the site.

    Keep up the good work.


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